Let me introduce myself.
First and foremost – I am an artist.
I make and I create.
Fashion and art hand in hand.

For the past half decade I have been living and creating in Miami and New York City. Right now I am focusing on my collage art and prints, nevertheless my clothing line is still alive & running.

I built my career in my home country, Serbia, where year after year I exhibited my collections at the prestigious Belgrade Fashion Week. In 2007 I launched my company with a flagship store ‘Fashion Studio Dressing’, located in the heart of Belgrade. For almost a decade it was a confluence for fashion lovers.

A move to NYC took me to Soho, which became a home for my collections and major US and world magazines published my work.

Today my art and my fashion is exclusive, intimate and sustainable.
I prefer working one on one with clients, creating custom pieces more fitted for your body and your soul.

Give me a hint, tell me your dream and I will make it for you!
For all custom orders fashion or art contact me at ana.grebec@gmail.com and I will answer it rapidly and personally.

Ana Grebec